The World of Vincula

A small island world for Chimera Fantasy, fixing the mistakes we made with Aerchus.

Vincula is our second world-building exercise using Campaign Cartographer 2 software. The look and feel were inspired by Ralf Schemmann's exemplary World of Jhendor and consisted of a single map illustrating the island-continent's elevations and contours. Vincula's shape has been likened to that of Tolkien's Middle Earth, though the similarity is purely coincidental (or perhaps subconscious?).


Vincula is the primary satellite of the World of AErchus and is dominated by the continent of Insula Major. This campaign world was created in late 2000 as an exercise in cartography with ProFantasy Software's Campaign Cartographer 2, and the design was based on Ralf Schemmann's topography of Jhendor.

Vincula is small, with a diameter of no more than 8,000 miles. Still, there's plenty of room for adventure, and our initial forays were centred on the Albu Archipelago, where a Celt-like people struggle to retain their independence in the face of more civilised and expansionist nations from the mainland to the east.

Author's note: This is an incomplete catalogue of Vincula's cartography; other maps are waiting to be found...on one or more of several backup CDs lingering in my archives; I'll post additional material as it turns up. -EDS

Global Maps

The maps below refer to Vincula's only continent, Insula Major. Clicking on any view below accesses a larger image of the view. The scale bar at the top of each map is 1,000 miles across.

Insula Major
A topological representation of the continent of Insula Major.
Political Map
A view of the predominant political divisions of the continent of Insula Major (unfinished).

Regional Maps

These maps depict regional areas of Insula Major, the dominant continent of The World of Vincula.

Albu Archipelago
An island nation of Celt-like people who fight for their independence against the incursions of expansionist kingdoms from the eastern mainland.
Rulan and Environs
The fortified town of Rulan forms the southern border of the Albu Archipelago. Logging settlements on the isle are plagued by tenacious goblins, who are responsible for the ruins at Caer Wydal.

Area Maps

The maps below depict specific areas of the Albu Archipelago, which was the only area fully developed on The World of Vincula. Each was rendered with with the help of the Mappa Hârnica Toolkit add-on for Campaign Cartographer 2.

Caer Wydal
A ruined outpost, courtesy of the local goblin tribes. The locale attracts adventurers and mercenaries intent on recovering Solone's Wondrous Amulet, lost when Wydal fell.
The Fey Seat of the Elven Court within Albu.

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