The World of Aerchus

The first world for Chimera RPG play, all the way from 1998 AD.

AErchus was developed in 1998 as the world setting for The Jabberwocky Fantasy Roleplaying Game, which morphed into The Chimera RPG two years later. The setting also represents The Welsh Piper's first attempts at global mapping with the then new Campaign Cartographer 2 software.


AErchus is the official campaign world of the Jabberwocky FRPG. Vaguely Earth-like, AErchus presents a host of gaming opportunities, from the mediaeval kingdoms of the Northern Realms to the dangerous and lawless city-states of the Wild Coast to the sun-baked deserts of the S'hara Desert to the unexplored continents of Aquitane and Azamon.

The campaign also featured an overview gazetteer detailing the globe's physical data, a capsule history, populations, divinity, and land and water features. Aerchus files (in PDF format) and copies of the CC2 maps are available at the end of this article.

Global Maps

The maps below depict various representations of The World of AErchus from a global perspective. Clicking on any view below accesses a larger image of the view.

The scale bar at the bottom of each map is 4,000 miles across; each hex is 640 miles wide from flat side to flat side. For the curious, AErchus supports a hydrography of roughly 60% and an equatorial circumference of a little over 25,000 miles.

For the curious, the original World of AErchus Gazetteer is offered here in PDF format (also an attachment to this article).

A representation of the five climatic bands of AErchus, from tropical to arctic.
A view of the island and continental coastlines of AErchus; all outlines represent, by definition, sea level.
A simple map depicting predominant air and sea currents.
A view of AErchus with the names of continents and seas.
A map of AErchus' plate tectonics, with icons for volcano and earthquake activity.
A view of the major terrain features of AErchus: mountains, forests, rivers, and deserts.

Regional Maps

The maps below depict regional representations of The World of AErchus; each region is a single triangular section of the global map. Clicking on any region below accesses a more detailed map of that region. Only regions that have been mapped and detailed [as of 11/1999] are shown (there are more, and perhaps I'll post them if there's any demand).

The island-continent of Aquitane, a barbarous and unexplored land in northern AErchus.
Nord Sea
The eastern regions of the AErchelon continent, dominated by Greater Sjælland and Hyboria.
Northern AErchelon
The northern regions of the AErchelon continent, the most developed area of the campaign world.
Mare Nostrum
Depicts western AErchelon and northern Mueretania; the homeland of the mighty Târnic people.
Southern AErchelon
The southern regions of the AErchelon continent, influenced by the Târn and the Northern Realms.
Western Ocealea
The western regions of the Ocealea continent; dominated by the Wild Coast.

Area Maps

The maps below detail AErchus' first campaign region, located in Northern AErchelon. As a side note (and of possible interest), these maps were never formally published online; the series is essentially a drill-down of the campaign area, launched in the fall of 1999. The maps are offered here to complete the AErchus campaign section, as well as to reveal (finally) the lay of the land only partially traversed by the initial Jabberwocky FRPG play-testers.

The Dusklands
The lands marking the western borders of the Northern AErchelon kingdom of AEldûn, dominated by the Free City of Markhaven.
The Seven Shires
A rustic
area of the Dusklands, consisting of seven relatively independent shires, all of which pay nominal tribute to Markhaven in exchange for trade status and protection.
One of the Seven Shires, its borders contain sites of ancient battles between goblins, wood elves, and AEldic men; its seat is the town of Trobridge.
The seat of Ghonshire; it is described in the document attached to this article.
A small frontier town built around an ancient keep erected to fortify the region against goblin incursion; it is described in the document attached to this article.

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