The Chimera RPG™ Core Rules

August 26th, 2014
Now The Chimera RPG™ is faster and more flexible than ever. Formatted for NBOS' Software's THE KEEP RPG Campaign Manager, The Chimera RPG™ Core Rules expand the Basic game and lets you edit the existing rules or cut-and-paste your own house variants.

  • Contains the full content of The Chimera RPG™ Basic Rules PLUS new material
  • Customise the rules with your own edits and additions
  • Import rule updates from the Welsh Piper (coming soon!)
  • Full search
  • Export to RTF and HTML formats
  • Carry The Chimera RPG™on a thumb drive
  • Make updates at the gaming table
  • Full integration with other NBOS products, including Inspiration Pad Pro, Character Sheet Designer, and Fractal Mapper
The Chimera RPG Core Rules

The Chimera RPG Core Rules

$5.95 USD
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