The Chimera RPG Basic RulesLight-weight and completely customisable, The Chimera RPG® Basic Rules are easy to learn and fast to play. This FREE, 32-page PDF is an introduction to The Chimera RPG®, with rules for creating characters, running adventures, and launching campaigns in any time or setting.

  • Streamlined mechanics for fast action resolution
  • 11 basic classes you can translate to any setting or genre
  • 20 universal Abilities define anything (and everything) a character, NPC, or monster can do
  • Player-defined advancement lets you shape your character's growth
  • 50 Perks and Flaws you can use to tweak the rules without breaking the system
  • 52 powers to cover spells, miracles, psionics, or super-powers in any setting
  • Unique combat system provides realistic results with the speed of "old-school" games
  • Create NPCs and monsters in minutes; samples included
  • Sandbox development tools let you create whole campaigns in a matter of hours

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