Geomorph – Tomb

In which I use "bedecked"

Here's the fourth instalment of Inkwell Ideas Geomorph Contest. The special ingredient is "tomb," which is a pretty juicy starting point for a map.

Unlike past ingredients (lava, shrine, or throne), a tomb's layout is usually a carefully planned thing--archaeological remnants of past civilisations suggest that more thought goes into where one spends the afterlife than where one worships before arriving. Think of the pyramids, the dolmens in the Burren, or the Roman catacombs, then compare them to other structures built by the same societies and decide which got more attention.

The dead go to an unknown place, and even though humans understand that the spirit has left the body, it's important that what remains--the physical vessel the spirit used to occupy--is handled and disposed of with appropriate care. Thus, not only is the tomb appointed as a conduit to spiritual afterlife, but also to keep the body itself safe from desecration, robbery, and any other tampering. In RPG terms, that means riches and deadly traps.

The Tomb of The Revenant

The attached geomorph is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

tomb geomorph
Tomb (1 sq = 10')

The worship area in the SW leads to an honorarium, dominated by an heroic statue of the deceased bedecked in unbearably foppish array. Anyone messing with the statue is teleported to the matching teleportation glyph in the actual tomb (marked by a sarcophagus atop a low (10') stepped pyramid), where they are attacked by the deceased's similarly garbed revenant. Only when that undead spirit is defeated can a character exit via the teleporter gylphs, which transports him back to the corresponding gylph in the honorarium. Defeating the revenant only disburses it--the spirit reforms at full strength in 1d6 turns until destroyed by some major clerical mojo.

Final Words

I'm feeling better about designing asymmetrically, and once again, it's my happy duty to thank Greg MacKenzie for the template and symbol tiles. Also, I realise that I seem to like cages / animal pens in my geomorphs. Not sure why - will ruminate on that and report back later.

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