Geomorph – Lava

Liquid hot magma...

The geomorph contest at Inkwell Ideas is in its second iteration. This time, the "secret ingredient" is lava (sorry, it's never not funny). Entries are due at midnight PST on 4 May 2015, which means that by the time you read this, you'll have about nine Earth hours to complete this task. (And for that, I'm sorry--if you want more advance notice, you should subscribe to the Inkwell Ideas blog instead of relying on my lazy ass to keep you current. I mean, really--I went a whole year without posting so much as a syllable. Don't count on me.)

Anyway, my entry is below. I'm a little more excited about this one than the last entry. Maybe it's the splash of colour, but I can also see some tentative attempts to break out of my symmetrical layouts. That's big for me, my OCD, and my Myers-Briggs type. Trust me, we're all celebrating here.

Lava Fountain

The attached geomorph is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

lava geomorph
Lava Fountain (1 sq = 10')

The fountain in this hall flows with lava. The north-east altar is fashioned in the likeness of a coiled salamander--it is hot to the touch and its open mouth contains a pool of partially melted and congealed gemstones. If a gemstone is tossed in and the inscriptions on each pillar read, a mage may conjure an obedient salamander from the fountain (1 HD / 100gp of gemstones; ritual takes 3 turns). The side chambers contain clerical gear (robes with flames; conflagrating pope-hats, sparklers, 2d12 flasks of oil, etc.). The secret chamber contains a robe sporting a hood and tail, making the wearer appear as a salamander--it looks ridiculous but improves saves vs. cold attacks by +1.

Final Words

As always, heartfelt props to my (perhaps unknowning) partner in crime, Greg MacKenzie. Without his excellent geomorph template, none of this staggering brilliance would be possible. That said, I really am looking to improve my geomorph skills--if you have suggestions or constructive criticisms, please let me know in the comments section.

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