DungeonMorph Dice

Does Joe Wetzel ever sleep?

DungeonMorph Dice
DungeonMorph Dice

Joe Wetzel (of Hexographer fame) has launched a project to create DungeonMorph Dice: basically a set of 5 six-siders with a different dungeon geomorph on each side.

Aside from being envious that I didn't think of this first, I have to say: This is the most brilliant idea for a game aid I've seen in decades. I can't think of a single GM on this planet (or any other) who wouldn't salivate with glee at the prospect of literally rolling up a random dungeon, on the fly, right on the tabletop.

If you feel the same way, please check out the DungeonMorph Dice page on Kickstarter.com and lend your support.

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