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Forum Rules & Posting Guidelines (No replies)

Erin D. Smale
2 years ago
Erin D. Smale 2 years ago

Welcome to The Welsh Piper forum. The purpose of this forum is to create a community for Welsh Piper readers and customers who want to share tips, suggestions, stories, and questions.

To that end (and because I'd like to learn from the mistakes of Forums Past), there are some boundaries we need to work within:

  1. Please stay on topic when posting or replying. A little rambling and a few tangents are bound to happen, but try to focus--it makes it easier for others to read and respond.
  2. Attachments are currently disabled - if you want to share a file, please host it somewhere and include a link.
  3. Be nice. No personal attacks, please. If you disagree with someone, state your case and argue the points, not the person. It is possible to disagree without being disagreeable.
  4. Know when to end an argument. Even enlightened debate turns ugly when participants insist on beating dead horses. Your inability to accept someone else's point of view doesn't necessarily make you right, but it does mean you're no longer willing to discuss it. When this happens, agree to disagree and move on.
  5. Please do not advertise sites or products unrelated to The Welsh Piper. This doesn't mean you can't link to another publisher's site for illustrative purposes, or put a promo banner in your sig. Just don't post irrelevant ads.
  6. Also, no spam. At all. If you post spam, I will ban you from the site, instantly, and with extreme prejudice.

I believe these are reasonable guidelines. Failure to abide by them will make things uncomfortable for others, and that's not the kind of community I want to foster. In short, be respectful of your fellow posters and everyone's happy.

If you need to reach the site admin, send an email directly to admin AT welshpiper DOT com.


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