Chimera Update

That revision I talked about? It's still happening.

Just a quick post about the Chimera RPG Core Rules revision.

First, it's still happening, after these many months. I'm about 3/4 finished with the manuscript, which I plan to finish by end of August. At that time, I'll put the call out for playtesters, get feedback, make updates, then send it off for layout. To save time, I'll publish with stock art, but would eventually like to get original pictures (maybe through a Kickstarter?), but my primary goal is to get the revision out in PDF, RTF, and the KEEP formats.

The revision contains expanded Ability descriptions, more gear, bigger power (er, "incantation") lists, more monsters, streamlined combat, better vehicle rules, and more GM tips about creating and running a game. In short, it's more material than in the current Core Rules, but in more accessible formats.

The biggest change is a new dice mechanic, which uses a d12 against a standard table of success/failure results. This replaces the current d20 vs. a Target Number mechanic and (thus far) seems to run faster during play.

As always, current customers will get the revision for free, though the price will go up for new customers, and the package will be available on this site as well as RPGNow.

Other Notes

A couple of related items:

  1. "Chimera RPG" is now a registered trademark. It's all grown up now. Huzzah!
  2. Development notes and discussion will be posted to our forums - this allows me to keep blog posts focused on RPG tips and GM tools, while still providing an outlet for game-related discussion and debate.

Final Words

Just a heartfelt thank you for your support, comments, suggestions, and (above all) patience. I'm excited about the pending revision, and I think you'll find it a big improvement. Cheers!

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