Chimera Update – October 2015

The wheels of progress grind slowly...

Another month goes by, another deadline slips, and the Chimera Core update finds itself headed toward a playtest draft in November.

The delays are likely tedious and frustrating, and I understand why--especially for those existing customers who've been promised an update for over a year. Plus there are a few of you actively planning new campaigns using Chimera. Obviously, it's a good time for me to kick this into high gear and churn out the goods.

Yet it's important to me that I get this right. There are a lot of changes between Chimera Basic and Chimera Core, and making them useful to you requires a hard look at both rules organisation and written clarity. While Chimera Core has more material than Chimera Basic, it's important that it plays as easily as its predecessor.

I've posted a development update to the forums, where it'll be easier to keep the discussion going. Thoughts, comments, and questions welcome - hang in, we're almost there!

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