Chimera Update – February 2016

It's not a lie if you believe it.

In all honesty, my goal is not to mislead people. But it is fair to point out that my last proposed deadline is far blown.

On the plus side, the delay comes with more content. My original plan was to keep the Core Rules to 96 pages. However, it was impossible to do so without creating gaping holes, so I increased the page count to 128. The additional 32 pages allows me to include more material:

  • Character generation example, with completed character sheet
  • Power permanency guidelines
  • Necromancy power school
  • Load-bearing equipment
  • Henchmen
  • Random weather determination for outdoor exploration
  • Random antagonist reactions during encounters
  • Evasion & pursuit guidelines
  • Sneak attacks
  • Overbearing
  • Monster categories and expanded monster list:
    • Animal (x20)
    • Bug (x20)
    • Construct (x6)
    • Dragon (x3)
    • Elemental (x6)
    • Fantastic (x8)
    • Humanoid (x12)
    • Lowlife (x8)
    • Planar (x8)
    • Plant (x10)
    • Undead (x6)
  • Random encounter tables (monster type by indoor/outdoor location)
  • Example NPCs (stock characters)
  • Loot (horde generation and random valuables)
  • Powered items (potions, scrolls, rings, et al.)
  • Sandbox construction kit

Most of this stuff had been written already, but set aside for future supplements. Given the Core's expanded page count, it makes sense to include it now.

It's going to be at least March before I have a playtest version ready. The extension sucks, but it's realistic--major projects loom at work, and my Chimera writing time is very limited. In the meantime, I'll post a draft of the intro chapter. As always, I appreciate your patience and support.

Also, I had this idea about posting development updates to the forums, but the discussion there is scant. Would you rather have those discussions here, via the comments?

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