Chimera RPG Character Sheet

The official Chimera RPG Character Record Sheet

Chimera RPG Character Sheet
Chimera RPG Character Sheet

Designed by Greg MacKenzie and reminiscent of the "old-school" style, the Chimera RPG Character Sheet is a single-sided PDF in Letter-sized format, usable for all genres.

The sheet was created for ease of reference and has ample space for important character stats during play, including:

  • Abilities (with base target numbers for reference)
  • Basic stats (Movement Rate, Defence, Resistance TN, and Advancement Cost)
  • Wounds (with space for severity and overall wound penalty)
  • Attacks (with room for all attack modifiers)
  • Perks (including effect)
  • Gear (with uses remaining and encumbrance)

The Chimera RPG Character Record is free for download, and you have our permission to make unlimited copies for personal use.


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