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Chimera Basic Is Coming

A look at what's inside Chimera Basic

Chimera Basic is on schedule for release this weekend. I'll post an announcement to blog and newsletter subscribers, and of course, there will be a bright and shiny banner on this site's home page. A beacon for all to see, as it were.

But this has been a hectic couple of months. Much writing, a crazy Real Life schedule, and--for a solid six weeks in a row--the worst sinus headaches I've experienced during my stay on this planet. So, excuses aside, it occurs to me that there may be some questions about Chimera Basic. Ever helpful, here are some answers.

Chimera Basic Is...

A distilled version of the Chimera Roleplaying Game rules. Long story short, version 3.0 started out with some major mechanical revisions (e.g., ditching attributes), and in the process of revising, I decided to create a Basic version of the game. Why, you ask?

Two reasons: (1) I wanted to create a stand-alone version of the game, bigger than the Quick Start but smaller than the Core Rules, and (2) I wanted to see how the new mechanics worked in the wild before devoting a lot of time and energy to writing a big Core Rules volume.

Chimera Basic Will Cost You...

Nothing, for now. When it's released, you can download Chimera Basic for FREE, but only for a limited time. How long is that limited time? Well, that depends--I'm conducting a little experiment, and you all are the subjects. Once I've gathered enough data to reach a conclusion, the experiment will be over, and Chimera Basic will no longer be free. That could be a month, 9 months, two weeks, or a year.

What's the experiment, and how do you participate? Download Chimera Basic when it's released and find out.

Chimera Basic Contains...

Enough material for you to create your own campaign, in whatever genre or setting you want. In fact, weighing in at about 44 pages, there's enough to actually keep the campaign going, and to build things that aren't included, like new classes, new powers, new perks, new whatever. The idea behind Chimera Basic is to provide a solid (like, mad solid as the kids say) foundation for you to build on--whatever you're building.

Here's a peek at the Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
    1. Chimera: the Nutshell
    2. What You Need to Play
    3. How To Get Started
  2. Core Concepts
    1. Abilities
    2. Action Rolls
    3. Character Classes
    4. Experience Level
    5. Tech Levels
  3. Characters
    1. Character Generation
    2. Character Races
    3. Character Classes
    4. Boons and Baggage (optional)
    5. Character Advancement
  4. Abilities
    1. Ability Descriptions
  5. Perks
    1. Perk Descriptions
  6. Flaws
    1. Flaw Descriptions
    2. Overcoming Flaws
  7. Powers
    1. Using Powers
    2. Resisting Powers
    3. Power Descriptions
  8. Equipment
    1. Weapons
    2. Armour
    3. Gear
    4. Equipment Quality
    5. Equipment Damage and Loss
  9. Adventuring
    1. Action Rolls
    2. Breaking Objects
    3. Clutch Situations
    4. Combat
    5. Ending Combat
    6. Fatigue
    7. Fighting Manoeuvres
    8. Healing
    9. Movement
    10. Resistance Rolls
    11. Special Hazards
  10. Non-Player Characters
    1. Character Types
    2. Creating NPCs
  11. Monsters
    1. Adaptations
    2. Creating Monsters
    3. Monster Descriptions
    4. Customising Monsters
  12. Campaign Creation
    1. Select Genre & Setting
    2. Consider Technology Level and Powers
    3. Define Campaign Hook
    4. Describe Cultures
    5. Map the Setting
    6. Create Points of Interest
    7. Create Organisations
    8. Describe High-level Conflicts
    9. Create NPCs
    10. Devise Adventure Hooks
  13. Creating Adventures
    1. Choose a Hook
    2. Invent the Backstory
    3. Define the End Goal
    4. Define Rewards
    5. Create Encounters
    6. Draw Map
    7. Write the Epilogue
  14. Being the Game Master
    1. Game Master Responsibilities
    2. Game Master Tips
  15. Next Steps
  16. Forms & Templates
    1. Character Sheet
    2. Adventure Template
    3. Regional Hex Template
    4. Local Hex Template
    5. Blast Templates

Final Words

Chimera Basic provides a solid framework for any game. Looking to start a new fantasy/sci-fi/sword-and-planet/WWII commando campaign, but don't know what system to use? Try Chimera. Looking for a rules-lite alternative? Try Chimera. Looking for a system that provides a good base for your own mechanical tweaks? Try Chimera.

I don't want to get too ahead of myself, but I'm confident that Chimera Basic will give rise to more genre-specific rule options and settings. But for now, Chimera Basic is only a few days away.

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  1. October 27th, 2010 at 14:54 | #1

    Can’t wait to get my hands on it, Erin. The announcement that Chimera RPG 3.0 will become the system of choice alongside Pathfinder/D20 for the Legend of Zelda Roleplaying Game has already been announced, and with DVOID Systems also launching D-Jumpers Volume #1, there’s no excuse not to try out Chimera RPG 3.0 at all. We’re releasing the Gate Keeper for free (as D-Jumpers Volume #0), which makes the perfect starting point to try any new world, setting, or system without fully abandoning a camapign, and showing just how flexible this system really is. Good luck with the launch!

  2. Greg
    October 28th, 2010 at 13:35 | #2

    @Da’ Vane
    Why is it that you can’t resist writing a plug for your own RPG systems here? More than once too. Shameless. I for one wish you would stay on the immediate topic, and it’s not just because I have the flu and my heart is two sizes too small.

  3. October 28th, 2010 at 14:16 | #3

    @Greg : In fairness, Da’Vane and I have been discussing some affiliate partnering between Chimera and D-Jumpers. But I do appreciate your concern–even if your heart is 2 sizes too small, it seems there’s still enough room in there for me ;)

  4. Greg
    October 28th, 2010 at 14:41 | #4

    @Erin D. Smale
    That’s fine then, I’m just a cranky ol’ coot. Sorry Da’Vane, I got the chainsaw running and then all I saw were Zombies coming from all directions.

  5. October 28th, 2010 at 15:26 | #5

    @Greg When the only tool you have is a chainsaw, every problem starts to look like a zombie…

  6. October 28th, 2010 at 15:30 | #6

    @Greg That’s because I am shameless, Greg! :D Although to be fair, D-Jumpers is a systemless multi-genre setting, that is in no real competition with Chimera RPG at all, but rather more of a helpful relationship.

    The Legend of Zelda, on the other hand is a fan-based project based on a Nintendo franchise that uses a hybrid of the Pathfinder RPG/D20 system – a system that has been adapted more times for multi-genre play than anything besides GURPS. Even then, neither of these really managed to pull of being able to combine genres, since they often have a lot of clunky bolt-on rules to define genre which often grate and fall apart when meshed together. The early D-Jumpers prototype campaign several years back ran on D20.

    Why is this important to Chimera RPG you ask? Well, most things are judged by comparison to other material and the ease with which it can be integrated into your campaigns. D-Jumpers allows for the background elements of any setting, including Trid to be integrated, but Trid is not really integral to Chimera RPG. Chimera RPG is a settingless multi-genre system, while D-jumpers is a systemless multi-genre setting.

    As for the Legend of Zelda RPG, well this IS a system, and it’s free, and it’s a variant of the most popular setting out there right now – Pathfinder RPG / D20. By having Chimera RPG used alongside this system, the Legend of Zelda is basically acting like the Rosetta Stone for D20 to Chimera RPG conversion, allowing for that vast world of OGL D20 products to be adapted with minimal fuss. Chimera RPG has a lot included in it, I’m sure, but I doubt even Erin has had time build up a Chimera RPG library that rivals every D20 product ever created.

    For the purposes of an open beta playtest, these are the type of benchmarks that Chimera RPG 3.0 will have to stand up against, and if people can see it being used, and used well, it is more likely to succeed.

    Apart from that, what do you think the immediate topic of this post is? I thought it was about Chimera RPG and it’s future, and these options ARE part that future hopefully. It’s what I intend to do with Chimera RPG 3.0 anyway, and that should provide more than enough scope for testing and feedback…

  7. Greg
    November 1st, 2010 at 14:28 | #7

    I wish you both every success.

  8. November 1st, 2010 at 14:46 | #8

    @Greg : Huzzah!. BTW, Chimera Basic is out…check the ol’ home page.

  1. March 1st, 2011 at 06:02 | #1