Chimera 5th Printing Released

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Chimera Basic
Chimera Basic

The Welsh Piper is pleased to announce the release of Chimera Basic's 5th Printing. Fast and flexible, Chimera Basic is a rules-lite RPG for characters and campaigns in any setting or genre. Character generation and advancement, in-game exploration and combat, and campaign development is faster and more simple than ever. Try our Basic rules for free and start running the game you've always wanted to play!

OSR In Disguise

As a rules-lite RPG, Chimera Basic provides a broad set of guidelines for play instead of a rule for every situation. It focuses more on the what rather than the how to provide you with playable results as opposed to fussing with every detail. More than just a set of rules, Chimera gives you a "platform" for your imagination and campaign ideas.

Why do I say "OSR in disguise?" Because Chimera provides the flexibility, ease, and speed of "old-school" games, but it isn't written with the OGL, and it's not a retro-clone. Instead, Chimera Basic provides more streamlined mechanics and offers what I believe are some genuine innovations. Yet it still focuses on challenging players instead of characters, lets you create a PC in under 15 minutes, and allows you to customise your game without breaking the system.

Final Words

Biased that I am, I do believe Chimera is a great option for players who want more flexibility in their characters and for GMs who want to spend more time playing—than preparing for—their game. If you want a system to help you populate campaigns quickly, create customised characters fast, and run a fully nuanced game without getting bogged down in rules, I humbly encourage you to give Chimera a try.

Thanks, as always, for your support. I do appreciate it.

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