As if from the Aether

Hear that? It's me thinking my thoughts...

So you all know how Real Life (RL) conspires to prevent gaming. Almost five months into 2013 without so much as a scribbled post, but I can't lay the blame entirely on RL. There have been... things, see?

Just try to look away

We got a rescue puppy in January. Her name is Bella, and she's amazing (in the actual, Oxford-dictionary sense of the word). What kind of dog is she, you ask? Well, according to the DNA test (yeah, we did that), she's a chihuahua/pekingese/King Charles spaniel/Australian shepherd mix. Whatever. She's awesome and I love her. But puppies are more work than I expected. The walks, the poops, the training, the gnawing and chewing--at least you can slap a diaper on a toddler, but a puppy--constant supervision. But it's worth it, which is why I don't really blame RL for this one. I actually want to spend time with Bella. Anyone who buys a puppy and isn't willing to train it or bond with it or take it out in the cold rain for a poop shouldn't have a puppy. Or a baby, or maybe even a wife.

Also, the job. Remember last year when I said the work should be tapering off come 2013? Yeah, I love that story. If anything, work is even more crazy now--like, there is literally a crapload of stuff going on, but it's a great gig. I'm lucky to be employed--I know a lot of people who've been laid off and had their jobs eliminated--even luckier to love what I do (and, I mean, I actually wake up pumped to do my thing). Again, can't really blame RL for this.

All that said, gaming does manage to creep in. The time I have is carefully parcelled out, so instead of updating the site, I am working on the Chimera Core update. For those just joining us, Chimera Core is an expanded version of Chimera Basic--more stuff across the board. Like everything that Basic just mentioned is given proper explanations--Abilities, combat, tech levels--and there's a lot of new material in the powers, monsters, and equipment sections. Plus some new and better mechanics I'm pretty excited about.

But it's a slow progression. I had targeted Spring, but it may actually extend into July before it's ready to go. Good news is that it'll be in PDF, RTF, and THE KEEP formats, so you peeps will have full access to edit, tweak, and add your own stuff. Plus, there's going to be a free compatibility license for those of you fools who want to write your own Chimera settings and adventures.

Now, I'm telling you all this so I can explain something else: after Chimera Core drops, I got a new project all lined up. What is it? I can't say, except that it's been on my mental drawing board for the last year and a half. I will say this, though: It's a new and different approach to something we're all familiar with. I think you'll like it.

As for blogging, well, I'll post what I can, when I can. I really value the feedback, support, and comments all you folks have given me. In the meantime, maybe spend some time in the forum--let's get some conversations started and be brilliant.

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